Soleil Sucré

Since 1999, Soleil Sucré has anticipated with vision and audacity an unsatisfied need, a silent expectation, a desire hidden deep within women. We have created a space where every woman can express themselves with pride and elegance, embracing their innate sensuality without reservation.

Welcome to our women's lingerie boutique, where pleasure and beauty meet, where every woman is invited to blossom in the delicate caress of Soleil Sucré lingerie. Prepare to embrace a new version of yourself, to feel sexy, attractive and fulfilled, in every moment of your life.


The Designer

According to me, "being sexy" is an attitude, a state of mind. It's about feeling good in one's own skin, regardless of one's height, size, roundness, slimness, age, maturity, etc., and taking ownership of it. It's about saying "I love you" to oneself every day, looking oneself in the mirror and projecting a positive image. It's about daring to highlight one's strengths to strengthen self-esteem in any circumstance and demonstrating resilience.