The Designer


Let yourself be transported into the captivating world of Elisa, our Designer. Every creation that emerges from her hands is a testament to her talent and devouring passion for fashion. Immerse yourself in her creative mind, where imagination blends with innovation, and fabrics come to life to tell unique stories. Each piece is a result of meticulous reflection, a quest for perfection, and a bold vision of beauty and femininity. Elisa doesn't settle for fleeting trends; she transcends them to create pieces that resonate with you. She accompanies you on an initiatory journey to the heart of your seductive power.


At Soleil Sucré, we are inspired by the evolution of women in society. We believe in their strength, independence, and ability to redefine standards. Our passion drives us to listen to them, to understand their changing needs, and to meet their expectations. We know that today's women want to express themselves through their style, assert their individuality, and embrace their own identity. We stay tuned to trends, closely following emerging styles and cultural influences that resonate with them. Elisa and our dedicated team translate these trends into captivating collections. Every piece we create reflects our commitment to using quality materials and original cuts that enhance the beauty of the body. We also support initiatives that empower women and collaborate with organizations that share our values. Join us in celebrating the progress of femininity and the pride of being a woman with a unique style.


For over 25 years, Elisa has immersed us in a sensual universe where every detail is carefully designed to enhance your silhouette. Her creations are the result of her passion for perfectly crafted lingerie. Each piece is designed to combine comfort and irresistible allure. From delicate lace to luxurious fabrics, she carefully selects all materials. Beyond aesthetics, Elisa believes in the power of lingerie and her expertise to help you fully reveal yourself.